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"The physical cannot comprehend the spiritual, and the spiritual supercedes all things that are physical"


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My name is Elijah Johnson and I am a professional basketball player that graduated from the University of Kansas in 2013. I recently completed my 5th year professional overseas. I have played in many different countries, such as, Italy, Poland, Greece, Croatia, Israel, Turkey, and Germany. In the off season I train, workout, and mentor kids across the country. My passion has always been to give back and of course basketball gives me the chance to do just that. As an athlete, I understand the expectations and standards required to be successful. Character is as important as talent! I embrace the opportunity to share that knowledge.

I started my career at the University of Kansas playing Women's basketball from 2011-2015. After graduating, I continued my education at KU as the graduate assistant for the Women's basketball team while getting my Masters in Sports Management. After getting my Masters. I began my coaching career at Freestate High School in Lawrence, Kansas as the Assistant varsity girls basketball coach. After spending one year at the high school level, I decided to continue coaching at the college level and I am now the current assistant women's basketball coach at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas. We are passionate about helping aspiring athletes reach their goals and our skill and development training lessons are implemented to do just that.




We offer a range of workouts from ball handling, to full workouts that will cover the essentials of basketball. We also offer workout videos that you can do on your own from anywhere in the world. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at anytime.


"We have known Natalie and Elijah since their playing days at KU. Kirstin has improved drastically on her shooting and ball handling skills. They are not just working on basketball skills, they are also working on life skills"

Georgette Johnson

October 5, 2018

"I am a totally different player, since beginning workouts with Natalie and Elijah. They have been great role models and helped me improve my overall game!"

Brianna Ward

October 9, 2018

"Elijah and Natalie help me believe in myself and encourage me to get out of my comfort zone. They push me to do my best and persevere". 

Kodi Greer

October 13, 2018


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